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Renegotiate Mortgage | Avoid Foreclosure | Mortgage Renegotiating Tips

While it is not advertised , most of the mortgage lenders out there are more than willing to renegotiate the terms of a mortgage deal after you sign the dotted line. Renegotiating interest rates on a mortgage loan is one of many options available to home owners who want to keep their houses but have problems paying the monthly mortgage payment. If your mortgage payment is due and you're unable to make your monthly (or weekly) mortgage payment due to a job loss or another situation beyond your control, don't ignore it. Pick up the phone and call your bank because they can sometimes help protect your credit and help you stay in your home. Your mortgage holder doesn't want to volunteer to help you, especially if they don't know you're experiencing problems making your mortgage payments. First thing you need to do is to make sure that you have all your information together. You need to be put together a good case for your mortgage bank. This is true whether you are r

Canadian central bank likely to cut the prime rate on April 21

Canadian inflation jumped more than expected in February, reversing a five-month trend. The Bank of Canada had forecast prices could drop in the absolute during the second and third quarters of this year, raising the spectre of deflation. Bank of Canada is expected to ignore the price pressures as it plans whether to cut interest rates to fresh historic lows. The next move by the Canadian central bank is likely to cut the overnight interest rate on April 21, 2009.