Panjab or Punjab

So how do you spell?
What's the right spelling Punjab or Panjab?

Punjab university thinks its Panjab. Click here to see their site.
Then we should spell itas Panjabi too?
Well I like it as PUNJAB.


Manoj said...

PUNJAB is simply wrong
(Panjab would seem wrong to you if you don't live in India)

I am from India but moved to UK and always spelt it with A, Panjab,

but here in UK it is spelt as Punjab.

I think Panjab is correct as Punjab give more of an ounker sound of panjabi
(reply to above, double 'aa' as paanjab would give it kanna sound but not single 'a' so single a make it perfect panjab.

Panjab Radio in UK spells it as

So It should be "Panjab"

Unknown said...

amandeep singh sarkaria den ilove only cricket

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