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I am searching for FREE Punjabi songs for download. So many sites offer free Punjabi songs for download but no one has complete collection. You have to find a song here and a song there. Most of the sites that offer free Punjabi songs downloads may be breaking the law. That's why the Punjabi music sites don't exist for too long at one domain (except a few). Piracy is a huge problem for Punjabi music industry. Good artists should get paid for their hard work.

I-Tunes (by Apple Inc.) sells some Punjabi songs but at $1 per song its expensive. There should be some ad supported Punjabi song website that could earn money from advertisements and share the revenue with Punjabi singers and let Punjabi people listen to the Punjabi songs for Free.

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Online Hindi Music said...

Punjabi songs have great demand in punjabi and other religion people.Music Dhaba also offers you listen and free download the songs.

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