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Punjabi Paper provides information on Punjabi Language, Punjabi Culture, Punjabi Music, Punjabi Songs, Punjabi Dance, Punjabi Bhangra, Punjabi Food, Punjabi Jokes, Punjabi People, Punjabi Life and other Punjabi Stuff.

This is not a professional Punjabi Publication. We will publish anything that we think is Punjabi. All Punjabis are welcome to send us their pictures & stories and we'll be more than happy to publish them at PunjabiPaper.Com. Just make sure you don't send us any Punjabi material that is under copyright or otherwise illegal.We may provide links to other Punjabi websites. We are not responsible for content available on the sites we link to.

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Anonymous said...

hello sir
mein aap ji da dilo dan wad howa ga ke tusi punjabipaper name kulwinder singh punjab city jalalabad distt ferozpur

kamaljeet singh said...

life is rope
that swings us through hope
always believe
today is much better than yesterday
&tomorow will be better than today!

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